PANTERA “Reinventing Hell – The Best Of Pantera” /DVD/

The second DVD by the legendary American Groove Metal band.
DVD features videos spanning the band's entire career, from their first smashing album "Cowboys From Hell" to their latest "Reinventing The Steel".
This is just a must! It is a precious Metal relic, absolutely necessary for your Rock-education! Now that Dimebag is gone, the only way to remeber them is to listen to their incredible music and watch this amazing DVD. This is like a path to the Metal-heaven's gates. Even if you're not a Pantera fan, this DVD should just change your mind!!
Electra Entertainment/Warner Strategic Marketing 2003. Russian bootleg.

1. Cowboys From Hell
2. Psycho Holiday
3. Cemetery Gates
4. Mouth For War
5. This Love
6. Walk 
7. 5 Minutes Alone 
8. I'm Broken
9. Drag The Waters 
10. Domination (Live)
11. Primal Concrete Sledge (Live)
12. Revolution Is My Name

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