Fourth full-length album by Russian Slavonic Pagan Folk Metal band.
“Tverd” they explode through the speakers with some of the best Pagan Metal in Russia's increasingly glorious history! A huge production from Dai records: the Metal side is very powerful, building the walls of the symbolic “Tverd” - heavy guitars, great drums and a strong bass - but the album is completed perfectly with the inclusion of pipes, flutes, reeds, domra, mandoline and authentic percussion. Written and played to display deep regard for nation, history and Slavonic beliefs.
Sound Age Productions, 2006 (SAPCD 085). Made in Russia. First press.

1.Огонь Сварожий Вновь Осветит Наши Земли 01:53
2.Небесные Стражи 04:51
3.Твердь - Враг у Ворот 05:50
4.Твердь - Последняя Битва 06:55
5.Огнем и Мечом 06:43
6.Во Времена Былин 04:47
7.Славянское Восстание 06:22
8.Рарог 04:39
9.Новгородские Пляски 04:09
10.Солнца Свет 05:19
11.Силой Павших Воинов - Честь Родной Земли 04:23
Total playing time: 55:51

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