ORPHEUS OMEGA “Partum Vita Mortem” /Digipack CD/

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The third full-length album by Australian Melodic Death Metal band.
"Partum Vita Mortem" is a particularly ambitious album by this band from Melbourne, known as Orpheus with two previous full-lengths. With a sound more than just reminiscent of Dark Tranquillity, it’s a truly impressive collection of songs that coalesce into a superb cohesive unit.
"Partum Vita Mortem" explores all the aspects that make us who we are, from our earliest beginnings to the very end of our journeys. Partum (Birth), Vita (Life) and Mortem (Death). These three distinct but interweaved aspects of existence are portrayed both musically and lyrically across 13 tracks that bring this concept to life. In an era where we often forget to experience and reflect on every moment we have, this album brings to the fore the struggles we all must face on our own journey.
They hail from the school of MeloDeath that places a heavy emphasis on keyboard work and guitar melody, the school that became incredibly popular with the explosion of bands like Soilwork, In Flames, and Dark Tranquillity. However, the band really came into their own with 2013’s “Resillusion” and showed that they could modernize that sound. They also proved that they would be one of those bands who seemed to improve astronomically with every album.
Orpheus Omega is a new blood of keyboard-heavy branch of the MeloDeath genre. "Partum Vita Mortem" is their most mature and well-developed album to date. "Partum Vita Mortem" is an album that doesn’t deserve to fly under the radar of any self-respecting Metal fan!
Kolony Records, 2015 (KR017CDL). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Conception 1:50 
2. I, Architect 4:44 
3. Karma Favours The Weak 5:14 
4. Practice Makes Pathetic 4:59 
5. Our Reminder 4:08 
6. Unravelling Today 5:10 
7. Breath's Burden 4:26 
8. Tomorrow's Fiends & Yesterday's Ghosts 4:55 
9. Beacons 4:41 
10. Echoes Through Infinity 4:37 
11. Revel In Oblivion 4:18 
12. Kharon 4:55 
13. Silence, The I 4:17
Total playing time: 58:14

Samples: https://soundcloud.com

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