Fifth full-length album by the German side-band of Sodom's frontman Tom Angelripper, mostly known for playing Thrash Metal covers of German schlager songs.
Uncle Tom "Angelripper", originally Gelsenkirchen Ruhr, ex-miner and full-time frontman of the Thrash Metal legends SODOM, after 10-years break, presents a new studio album. In addition to several classic drinking songs from the Pop world, Tom also presents original compositions, one of which already has the classic!
Rock'n'roll, hymns to the friendship and chants to probably the best festival of the world are offered! "Nunc Est Bibendum" music moves between the poles of German Rock and Punk and thrilled with thick sound and orderly oomph!!
Highly intoxicating party music!!!
Drakkar Records, 2011 (DRAKKAR 189 / 88697 93321 2). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Nunc Est Bibendum     2:47 
2. Wenn Der Zapfhahn Kraht     3:46 
3. Auf Immer Und Ewig     4:49 
4. In Junkers Kneipe     2:59 
5. Format C     4:15 
6. Bier     3:52 
7. Wie Das Glas In Meiner Hand     2:31 
8. Lemmy Macht Mir Mut     2:39 
9. Bon Scott Hab Ich Noch Live Gesehen     4:07 
10. Schade, Dass Man Bier Nicht Ficken Kann     3:00 
11. Ich Hab Dich Zum Fressen Gern     3:22 
12. Ein Heller Und Ein Batzen     3:03 
13. Auf Nach Wacken     3:56 
14. 1516     3:05 
15. Drink Doch Ene Met     3:44
Total playing time: 51:55

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