NORDVERG "Crimson Dawn" /CD/

Great debut full-length album by Russian Folk/Viking Metal band.
Scandinavian-Slavonic styled folk metal with heavy and melodic guitars, a mix of clean and growling vocals, and authentic instrumentation. Guest musicians include Vladimir Reshetnikov of Arkona, plus Diana Timoschenko and Alexandr Starkov, who've handled the more ethnic instruments.
CD Comes with 16-page booklet.
Stygian Crypt Productions, 2012 (SCP064)

1.Покидая фьорд 02:58
2.Багровый рассвет 06:01
3.Хмельная 05:44
4.Перед последним боем 01:53
5.Берсерк 04:29
6.Холод цепей 05:02
7.Приглашение в трактир 00:44
8.Старый трактир 04:50
9.Волкодав 04:50
10.Кузница Богов 01:39
11.Меч судьбы 04:37
Total playing time: 42:47 

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