NOCTEM CURSIS “Nocturnal Frost” /Digipack CD/

The debut full-length album by French Epic Black Metal
Noctem Cursis play a very old-fashioned form of Black Metal, along the same lines as Satyricon, Immortal and Troll. "Nocturnal Frost" is an album with melodious, atmospheric and epic elements. But the music does pull off a very cold and sharp tone. The vocals screech along support the uniform and tempered guitar riffing. The mechanical sounds of the keyboards and drum machine are what really give the music a cold, distant and inhuman sound.
This production was supported by various musicians from the French Metal scene. Thus, the clear voices were by Loic "Hollgarh" Cellier from Belenos. Mathieu Bole du Chaumont (Atro- phy, Sphères) participated on the guitars and Louz Valfreya on the cello.
Moreover, the work that they have done to the sound is very good and shows that they work seriously in every level.
Noctem Cursis have the potential to navigate themselves out of the blizzards of mediocrity. This is only the beginning for them and we will see if this winter-worn Metal has the temperament to last another year.
The fans of the bands mentioned above as also those of you who want a more melodic album, listen to it!
Mortis Humanae Productions/Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions, 2014. Made in France. First press.

1. Prelude of an Era 01:13 
2. From Space 06:10 
3. Scars of the Past 05:43 
4. Le Guerrier Noir 05:01 
5. Ov Immobile Energy 04:09 
6. World to Ashes 04:30 
7. Secrets of the Elders 04:51 
8. Les Rivages de la Mort 06:51 
9. Crossing the Everlasting 05:29 
Total playing time: 43:57


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