NECROTIC "Among The Nauseating Depravity" /CD/

Old school brutal death metal from Mexico.
Among the Nauseating Depravity is a monster created by Necrotic
with lumps of warm human flesh no less,
which though admittedly grotesque and sickly,
is much too amorphous to be taken seriously.
American Line Prods., 2008 (LA 105)

1.Green Girl 03:11
2.Scape Entrails 03:37
3.Smashed Children 02:53
4.Unhinging Orgasmic 04:30
5.Manipulated Corpses 03:20
6.Bastardization 01:51
7.Necrovoragine 03:39
8.Unnatural Spawn 03:56
9.Ordure King 04:43
10.Mess 02:27

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