NAKED INCISE “Naked Incise / 赤裸雕刻” /CD/

Official re-release of the rare demo 2008 by the Chinese Grindcore/Death Metal band.
Naked Incise is an Underground GrindCore band from Beijing, which has gone through the wax and wane of 9 years since its establishment in 2003. By displaying such aspect in a more extreme way, it managed to leave a deep impression on lots of fans.
So if you are really into Grindcore, you shouldn't miss the chance to get a hold of this one!
Re-edition contains completely new artwork.
Thanatology Productions, 2008/2012 (TP001). Made in China. First press.

1. 险恶用心来自善良的表象 
2. 下一次绝对的微笑相逢 
3. 猪,狗,人 
4. 给我一个杀你的充分理由 
5. 爱你因为你恨我 
6. 看与听 
7. 另一种罪恶来自自我挣扎与逃避 
8. 腐烂迷香 
9. 化骨池 
10. 溃烂溃烂再溃烂 
11. 腐浊的病态空间 
12. 脚炮 
13. 嗜血高跟 
14. 二十一世纪的绝症 
15. 真正变态的是你们 
16. 当灵魂逃离躯体 
17. 只想操你妈 
18. 摊开你凝血的胸腔 
19. 也许之后 或者没有


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