MURK EXORBITANCE "Desecrated Reality" /CD/

Debut and only one full-length album by Russian Brutal Death Metal band.
Destructive & progressive Techno Brutal Death Metal in the vein of DEEDS OF FLESH, Old DYING FETUS and CEPHALIC CARNAGE.
10 sick tracks with two bestial vocals!!!!
Sound Age Productions, 2006 (SAPCD 077)

1.Fucking Nation 04:21
2.Military Plays 03:41
3.Self Autopsy 06:10
4.Biography of a Corpse 04:10
5.Desecrated Reality 03:56
6.In Memory of... 01:38
7.Antipidra 04:50
8.As Gloomy This Life 07:20
9.Woman? Reign? 04:39
10.Reflection 01:26
Total playing time: 42:11

Samples: http://www.lastfm

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