MUNICIPAL WASTE “Waste 'Em All” /Ltd. LP/

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Used (cover/vinyl): NM/NM.

The debut full-length album by American Thrash Metal/Crossover band.
Municipal Waste were formed in Richmond, Virginia, in 2001, and are one of the most prolific acts in the revival of Crossover/Thrash Metal in first 10 years of the new millennium. Crossover is a term used for what you find in between Hardcore Punk and Thrash Metal, and Municipal Waste are one of the key bands now in this genre. Exactly what you would expect is Thrashing songs, which are over before you can register anything actually happened, and basically a fun record to listen to. The main band to start it off, whom Municipal Waste have a habit of borrowing from, are Crumbsuckers. If you are a fan of Crumbsuckers then you are more than likely going to like this. Municipal Waste manage to mix all the best ingredients from the genre into something that´s greatly enjoyable to listen to.
These guys are just out to have fun and don´t take themselves too seriously, which song titles like "Drunk as Shit", "I Want to Kill the President" and "Thrash?! Don't Mind If I Do" show pretty well. Most tracks are around 1 minutes long, but the band still manage to put in tempo changes and other little details to make the tracks more varied than initial listens might suggest. This is a fun album to listen to, when you need to listen to something less serious. But what you will find is highly energetic and highly entertaining music. Overall, it´s a really intense album and the beer/zombie type lyrics are also entertaining and suit the music well. This album caused the band to receive the attention of Earache Records, which the band signed to in May 2004.
This is a killer Crossover/Thrash Metal, delivered with great energy and aggression. Think a combination of early Nuclear Assault and S.O.D. and you´re halfway there. This is very much a "to the point" release with not a wasted second on it. No filler material, only fast-paced high energy Crossover/Thrash Metal from start to finish!
Limited Edition Green Transparent vinyl.
Six Weeks Records, 2003 (SW 69). Made in USA. First press. Used (cover/vinyl): NM/NM.


This Side
1. The Executioner (Intro) 1:12
2. Sweet Attack 0:58
3. Mutants of War 1:00
4. Knife Fight 0:50
5. Drunk as Shit 0:58
6. Death Prank 0:11
7. Substitute Creature 1:01
8. Waste 'Em All 1:30

That Side
9. Toxic Revolution 1:51
10. I Wantto Kill the President 0:17
11. Thrash?! Dont Mind If I Do 0:56
12. Dropped Out 0:46
13. Blood Hunger 1:10
14. Jock Pit 1:15
15. The Mountain Wizard 1:25
16. Untitled (Hidden Track) 2:09

Total playing time: 17:29 min.

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