Debut full-length album by Argentinean Symphonic Black/Death Metal band.
Aggressive Blackened Death Metal with Symphonic elements. Brutal, angry and twisted guitar parts are mixed up with ultra-fast and devilish rhythm section, which in combination with growling vocals and lots of ancient and symphonic parts form a good testimony of originality, imagination of musicians and perfect technique as well. This record is very professional in creation and production. Mortuorial Eclipse reminds Behemoth in their middle period of career, some of Nile albums and Symphonic Black Metal hordes like Emperor or Limbonic Art.
Behemoth fans, take a note! Absolute recommendation!!
Art Gates Records/Ishtar Gate Productions, 2012 (IG 003). Made in Argentina.

1. The Summoner's Procession 01:03
2. Advent of a Sinister Omen 04:08
3. Crepuscular Necromantic Visions 06:17
4. Perpetual Covenant 01:00
5. At the Gates of the Marduk's Shrine 04:22
6. Brotherhood of the Serpent 05:05
7. Orion's Progeny 04:50
8. Submission 02:58
Total playing time: 29:43


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