MONONOFU "Light Of Sunset Seen From Kozuki Castle" /MCD/

Japanese Death Thrash in Spirit of the Samurai! "Why did they have to go to ruin..." Mononofu is now lamenting "Pride of the defeated" in place of the defeated who was not able to leave one's own name to war-torn history. Real SAMURAI invasion Mononofu unmerciful Death / Black / Thrash Metal. There is a truth of cruel war-torn history here.
Mononofu /Amputated Vein Records, 2008 (SDHG-1578)

1.General Uyama Choses Death In Regret 04:28
2.Rebellion Of Hon-Nouji Temple 04:52
3.Wardead At Kami-Tambara 04:09
4.Oshibara Kuzure (Battle in the Oshibara) 03:04
5.Give Me The Seven Defects And Eight Agonies 05:34
6.Light Of Sunset Seen From Kozuki Castle 03:58
Total playing time 26:05

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