MIRZADEH "The Creatures Of Loviatar" /CD/

Second full-length album by the Finnish Melodic Black/Gothic Metal band.
The music is fairly traditional synth and guitar driven Melodic Black Metal with slight hints of folk music. Crushing guitars, keyboards in abundance and raspy evil vocals. The production is quite solid, which gives the record an impressive sound.
Kalmisto Production/Firebox Records, 2006 (MIRZA002)

1. Whispers From Filthy Womb 02:00
2. Precious Death 04:31
3. Viper of the Frozen Ground 04:16
4. Witness of Moonlight Mystery 05:36
5. Louhi's Legacy 04:18
6. Fullmoon Dream 04:13
7. Kalman Kevat 04:33
8. Tuonelan Lasten Tanssi 04:39
9. Melancholy 03:54
10. Kalmisto 02:01
Total playing time: 40:01 

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