MINDWARS “Sworn To Secrecy” /CD/

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The second full-length album by American-Italian Speed/Thrash Metal band.
Old School Thrash Metal is a dying breed and the Metal scene could definitely use more of it. Mindwars' second album “Sworn To Secrecy” is an above average Thrash album.
The opening title track fires right out of the gate and gives a nice slab of Thrash Metal. It does feature an excellent guitar solo about half way through, so fast that it would make Slayer. The album continues the same way until the third track “Lies”, that has Thrashy parts but it also has some mid paced moments. “Helpless” is another good track...
The drums and bass are standouts, by Roby and Danny respectively, providing a good low end that actually works with the production, giving the songs more heft than they would otherwise. When the guitars really start to groove, the bass really holds up, providing a battering ram of power. Roby is very powerful behind the kit, as any Thrash drummer should be. If you like snare and cymbals, you'll really have a smile as you listen to him hammer in your skull like a champ. Mike really shines as a guitarist; he can go from Thrash to Groove in no time and his solos are fast, furious and to the point...
All in all, it is a good Thrash album that harkens back to the golden days of the genre.
Recommended for fans of old Megadeth as well as fans of all kinds of Old School Thrash Metall!!
Punishment 18 Records, 2016 (P18R 108). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Sworn To Secrecy 
2. Cradle To Grave 
3. Lies 
4. Twisted 
5. Helpless 
6. Scalp Bounty 
7. Rest Now (For Tomorrow Comes) 
8. No Voice 
9. Prophecy 
10. Release Me 
11. Transporting
Total playing time: 44:42

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