MERLIN "Electric Children" /CD/

Official release of the second full-length album by American Psychedelic Space/Occult Doom/Heavy Rock band.
Kansas city's best kept secret comes in this shape of a four pieces electrifying punishing under the brilliant name of Merlin... Magic in every possible ways, Merlin delivers dark moody and frightening Heavy Rock that sounds like nothing you've heard in the last decade!
Mixing the very best of Psychedelic Rock and Doom with Space/Jam bands brilliance, the wizard excels in writing the catchy tunes, the ones drilling a bunch of holes into your skull and never letting go in peace... Infectious to the point of being hazardous to your sanity, "Electric Children" is a rock-solid psychedelic monster excursion into LSD-soaked valleys.
Merlin are a band that very much wear their influences on their collective sleeves. They are more at home enjoying the music they make than trying to be original. The album was recorded live between October 2014 and August 2015 which explains its relaxed feel and further highlights the band's musical skill. The band describe themselves as having one purpose: “to obliterate your mind with a witches' brew of epic towering riffs and 70's era Doom jams far too spacey to be of this planet”. Mission accomplished then!
While Merlin may sound a little too much like their influences for some people's taste, “Electric Children” has a lot to offer listeners, and it shouldn't be cast off after just one listen. It sounds a lot more impressive when given a second or third spin and there is some great playing on here too. This album is utterly brilliant and a must for everybody into bands such as Uncle Acid, Black Sabbath and Hawkwind!!
PRC Music/4ONE8 Records, 2016 (PRC60). Made in Canada.

1. Bad Trip 02:58
2. Electric Children 05:55
3. Will 'o the Wisp 06:15
4. Interlude 02:19
5. Night Creep 03:40
6. War Bringer 05:21
7. A Reprisal for Julia 01:36
8. Tales of the Wasteland 23:19
Total playing time: 51:30 min.


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