MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM is one of the oldest Czech brutal death / grind bands,
existing from 1992. "Dreamkillers" is their last, fifth album from 2004.
Epidemie Records, 2004 (EPR048)

1.War of Clowns (Part 1) 00:41
2.Our Eternal Fight 03:23
3.Violent Democracy 03:43
4.Manufacturing Madness 06:21
5.Computer Prisoner 04:09
6.Last Warriors In The Dust 02:41
7.Pervert Uncles From Abroad 04:39
8.American Devil 02:34
9.Dadokism Hyenaism 01:04
10.The Killing Suffered Love 04:41
11.Dreamkillers 02:51
12.War of Clowns (Part 2) 00:43

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