MALIGNANCY "Motivated By Hunger" /MCD/

First EP from Americand Brutal Technical Death Metal band.
Another killer piece of Grinding Brutal Death Metal from the sick fucks in Malignancy. Starting off with soundclip of a woman drowning being devoured by a shark, then in the middle of the clip the drums kick in and from there... the madness begins! Highly technical Death Metal, with crazed riffs and unpredictable rhythms. Prepare yourself for the unabashed brutality and sheer destructive power!
Featuring Roger Beaujard (Mortician) hitting the skins with apt skill!!
United Guttural Records, 2000 (UG011). Made in USA. Used: very good.

1. Motivated by Hunger 02:47
2. Vaginal Incisors 02:27
3. Separated Anxiety 03:02
4. Atmosphere of Decay 03:07
5. Cystic Fibrosis 01:48
Bonus track:
6. Intrauterine Cannibalism 02:57
Total playing time: 16:08

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