MADE OF HATE "Bullet In Your Head" /CD/

Debut full-length album by Polish Heavy Power Speed Thrash/Melodic Death Metal band.
It's a modern form of Metal that is played at hyper speed, with overzealous keyboards, thousand note solos, and harsh raspy vocals!
For fans of Children of Bodom, Norther and Skyfire!!
AFM Records/CD Maximum, 2008 (CDM 0408-2868). Light shabby on disc surface.

1. Bullet in Your Head 04:29
2. An Eye for an Eye 04:38
3. On the Edge 03:55
4. My Last Breath 04:04
5. Mirror of Sins 03:31
6. Hidden 04:14
7. Judgement 04:15
8. Deadend 04:58
9. Fallout 05:02
Total playing time: 39:06 

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