LYCANTHROPY (Rus) “Totenkränze” /CD/

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The seventh full-length album by Russian Black/Death Metal band.
Be prepared for a killer satanic Black/Death Metal with Ambient passages. An album of hateful, dark, transcendental Black/Death Metal. The aforementioned dark ambient elements thread through the album, imbuing proceedings with atmosphere (while also assisting in terms of creating a sense of continuity between the songs).
“Totenkränze” shows deepness of band's compositional skill. Use of different vocals approaches, very specific guitar riffing. All this goes with a furious rhythm section working like a machine. Gunner has also recorded bass lines for this record, to make it more in the Lycanthropy vein.
Gruesome Black/Death Metal masterpiece featuring sick Ambient touches!
Metallic Media/Black Plague Records, 2014 (BPR 028 / METALLIC 021). Made in USA. First press.

1. Totenkränze     02:02 
2. Germ of All Sins     02:53 
3. The Birth of the Lycan     02:25 
4. The Howling     05:06 
5. Sickliest Humanity     03:34 
6. Black Wolfish Craft     03:09 
7. Dominion of the Fang     02:08 
8. Endless Black Forests     01:17
9. Conception I     02:54 
10. Conception II     02:18 
11. Conception III     02:43 
12. Conception IV     04:05 
13. Moonlight     02:42 
14. Guardian of the Grim Knowledge     01:38 
15. Predominant Silver Aura     03:11 
16. Beast of Gevaudan     01:47 
17. Throne of death     03:10
Total playing time: 47:02


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