LUDI OSENI "Vosstanie" /CD/

Debut full-length album by Melodic Gothic Doom Metal band from Russia.
LUDI OSENI is a new incarnation of cult Russian Doom Metal band AUTUMN.
On this CD you can hear mixture of majestic heavy riffs and melancholic violin melodies. Combining aggressive metal parts and tranquil clean guitar arpeggio parts, band creates dramatic and sorrowful Gothic/Doom stuff. Depressive and melancholic classic Doom Metal with violins pretty much in the vein of the early works of MY DYING BRIDE, CELESTIAL SEASON and ANATHEMA...
Stygian Crypt Productions, 2012 (SCP068)

1.Люди Осени (Интро) 02:23
2.Восстанем 08:31
3.Тёмная Река 06:59
4.Серое Море. Вечно 06:57
5.Вечер 02:06
6.Согрей 07:22
7.Белизна 08:27
Total playing time: 42:45

Samples: http://www.lastfm

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