LETHAL VICE “Thrash Converters” /CD/

The debut full-length album by Spanish Thrash Metal band.
Active since 2005, this debut album gives the listener 10 tracks of classic Thrash with a musicality rarely achieved these days in the genre. Lethal Vice perform a brand of Thrash Metal that has a lot of integrity and high quality points that make the debut album “Thrash Converters” easy to attain. It's basically Metallica's "Kill 'Em All" / "Ride The Lightning" era mixed with some of Nuclear Assault's more Hardcore and Punk assaults. In other words, Lethal Vice should quickly grab a well-earned slice of the Thrash Metal pie. There’s a sense of humor in the closing ‘Country guitar’ moments of “Lethal Thrashing Madness” – a little bit of early Anthrax clean to mosh part rifforama during “Godless World” – in addition to the triplet harmony guitar action that makes “In Greed We Trust” an instant winner.
The band is full of energy and dedication and it helps that they stay true to the production values of the past meaning there is nothing over-polished in Lethal Vice's sound. The album has crisp and raw sound, like an old school Thrash Metal record, which is a definite plus. Vocalist Charly has a similar angst and "I-don't-give-a-fuck" attitude in his voice to the one Mr. Hetfield used to have when he was just beyond puberty. He has a melodic, clean nature but knows when to emphasize certain words for dramatic effect – a la much of the Bay Area brethren. The rhythm section knows that they can’t be stuck in one gear to develop a killer Thrash album – so Abel and Cheche have just as much delicacy in the tranquil instrumental sections as they do when they are asked to crank up the aggression and intensity for the faster parts. Overall, Lethal Vice remind most of acts who had that late 80’s finesse and slight level of technical prowess – unafraid to throw down some meaty riffs and really awe-inspiring transitions. Heathen and Sacred Reich come up often for “NWO” and the fun follow up “Street Violence”.
"Thrash Converters" brings back some of the values that were once so essential and important in Thrash Metal 30 years ago. As the album title suggests, a dose of good Thrash Metal can be expected! Much of the new generation would be wise to not only buy this album but study the influences Lethal Vice gravitates towards – as it is a few cuts above the typical Metallica / Slayer / Exodus worship!! You need to check them out if you consider yourself a true, old school Thrash Metal maniac!!!
Suspiria Records, 2014 (SPR011). Made in Spain. First press.

1. Insert Coin 1:42 
2. In Greed We Trust 4:52 
3. Diplomatic Immunity 5:14 
4. Psycho Surgery 4:58 
5. NWO 5:32 
6. Street Violence 4:50 
7. Godless World 5:38 
8. Operation Warehouse 5:36 
9. Zombies From Outerspace 5:28 
10. Lethal Thrashing Madness 5:17
Total playing time: 49:06

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