LEGIONS OF WAR "Forced To The Ground" /CD/

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The second full-length album by Swedish Blackened Melodic Death/Thrash Metal band.
War Thrash Metal with a strong Heavy Metal influence!
Another proclamation of war has been announced with a Metal mission to kill. “Forced To The Ground” marks band's quite improvement from the debut. The 2011 release “Riding With The Blitz” (Single) showed promise, with its grandiose visions and shell shock capabilities, but this album is leaps and bounds better!
Fans of Hail Of Bullets, Razor Of Occam, Vorgus or Witchery will be enticed by its morbid visions. The songs have melody and character. Picture At War with Nocturnal Breed or Nocturnal Fear with Merciless. The vocals are harsh, but audible, the guitars are menacing and thunderous. “Pile Of Corpse” and “Death Brigade” even have some shouting and gang vocals. Remember Blizzard, Sodom, Bewitched or Brimstone, just so you can get the idea of the potential this holds. Remember how good the Old Man's Child albums were towards the late '90s? This ensemble of fear knows how to evoke that Black/Thrash attack that works quite effectively. These reapers know how to take command and break through the barricades. Sure, this is nothing novel, but if you like Black Metal and Thrash then this is the perfect melodic blend. Add to that war torn diaries of past valor, and you have a memorable experience! Unlike the over-rated Ghost, Legions Of War support the true Metal Milieu with the mettle might of revenge. Tanks for the barrage of brutality!!
Infernö Records, 2013 (IR022CD). Made in France. First press.

1. Through The Barricades 4:46
2. Forced To The Ground (Behind Enemylines Part I) 3:59
3. Pile Of Corpse (Behind Enemylines Part II) 3:24
4. Remains Of War 4:24
5. At The Eastern Shores 3:21
6. Grandiose Visions 3:21
7. Death Brigade 3:25
8. In The Warfield Storms 4:52
9. Nights Of Revenge 6:06
Total playing time: 37:38

Samples: https://legionsofwar.bandcamp.com

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