KULT OFENZIVY "Symfonie Oceli" /CD/

Killer debut full-length album by fast and uncompromising Black Metal band from Czech.
It's a pretty straightforward album. Not a lot of layering, no real experimentation; just pure black metal. If you love early Gorgoroth/Darkthrone/etc., you'll absolutely adore this. It's better when you let it soak into you and let yourself be transported to Transylvania for a little while- the mountain so cold and all. It's most certainly not for those who need their sense of open-mindedness flattered by every note, but for those seeking very pure and strong black metal that was apparently dug out of a time capsule from '94, there's little better out there now.
Unholy black influenced by Hate Forest and early Darkthrone!
Selfreleased, 2007

1.Vy??? smysl 06:09
2.Ohni za potravu 03:49
3.Nepoddajn?m 02:56
4.Pr?vem na??m 04:40
5.Sv?dectv? 03:51
6.Symfonie Oceli 03:45
7.Instrumental 03:41
Total playing time: 28:51

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