KHASHM “Dark Path To His Throne/ Thy Legions come...” /Slipcase CD/

Pure demonic black metal from Russia!
Limited edition in black cartoon slip-case.
More Hate Productions, 2010 (MHP 10 – 068)

1.Regnum Tenebarum 05:01
2.The Eternal Light Of Darkness 03:55
3.The Liberation 04:26
4.The Awakening 04:17
5.The Escape From The Sphere Of Light 05:52
6.Emptiness 04:57
7.The Roots of Creation 03:53
8.Through the Eternity 04:01
9.The Reign Of Darkness 01:51
10.Invocation 02:25
11.Flames Of Death 05:12
12.Diabolus Absconditus 05:18
13.Thy Legions Come... 05:18
Total Playing Time: 56:26

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