INGRAVED "Onryou" /Digipack CD/

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Second full-length album by Italian Hardcore/Death Metal band.
Hybrid form between Hardcore and Death Metal with some Punk-like guitar work at times and also some of the shouting clean vocals remind of Punk. Given that it’s all a couple of notches up in terms of aggression, that explains the Hardcore half. The Death Metal piece is in the other half of the music. Some tracks have more of it than others. It’s got grooving riffs, rolling bass drums, Death Growls, etc. Darkness, aggression, melody; they all have their place and make that the songs are lively and dynamic.
Its raw attitude stuffed with aggression, darkness and melodies will be a fresh experience, unlike any Hardcore, Metalcore, Death Metal or Death-Thrash outfit you’ve ever heard before!
Power Pain Records, 2010 (PPR 001 - 0039 0001)

1.Bad Karma
4.The Burden
5.Cold Black Fingers
8.Showtime for My Apocalypse
9.The Cure
10.Of a Promise Broken
Total playing time: 34:37

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