HIGH SPIRITS “High Spirits” /Digipack CD/

First compilation album by American Heavy Metal band.
This album is a compilation of demos that were written and recorded from February to July, 2009, in Chicago, USA.
This band perfectly demonstrate the Heavy Metal and Hard Rock picture of the 80s. Band pulls out a sound explicitly influenced and inspired by the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement and so easily travels you twenty years and so back in time.
Parallel to the music, the voice of Chris Black (Pharaoh, Dawnbringer) binds perfectly, creating this way an old-school album full of energy and nostalgic vibes. It is worth mentioning that Chris is the main figure responsible for almost everything you are going to hear. With simplicity as the main characteristic, the result is truly amazing!
It's a solid album with uniformity and character, sweet melodies, fresh vocals and energetic music making it irresistible!
Recommended for fans of: Dokken, Scorpions, Motörhead, Y&T and Saxon!!
Selfreleased, 2009. Made in USA. First press.

1. Torture     3:23 
2. Night After Night     4:27 
3. Wanted Dead     3:25 
4. I Need To Know     2:52 
5. Wings Of Fire / Don't Look Down     5:35 
6. Never Going Back     3:38 
7. Midnight Lady     3:04 
8. Calling Out To You     2:42 
9. Set Me Free     4:00 
10. High Spirits     5:28
Total playing time: 38:34

Samples:  http://highspiritsmetal.bandcamp.com

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