The first full-length album by Russian Thrash Metal band.
The sound is aptly described by the band's name. This is a band that plays Thrash Metal born straight from the bubbling fires of hell. The songs belt along at great speed, but there is still an all-conquering power to the record that'll blow you off your feet if you're not expecting it! The musicianship is genuinely good, and there's a lot of skill on show throughout. These guys are going blow roofs off places live!!
Hell, War, Violence and Metal!!!
HTH Productions (selfreleased), 2010 (HTH 001). Made in Russia. Although the CD is new and has never been played, there are light shabby on the disc surface.

1.Injection (Intro) 01:20
2.Black Label 03:10
3.My Last Resort 04:15
4.Global Genocide 03:00
5.Stop the Corruption 00:25
6.Razor's Edge 04:20
7.Nuclear Attack 03:31
8.Death Sentence 03:20
9.Rifle Shots 04:22
10.Abomination 02:28
11.True Lies 03:35
12.Kill Fucking Bitch 01:43
Total playing time: 35:29 

Samples: http://hellsthrashhorsemen.bandcamp.com

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