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Fourth full-length album by Pagan Black Metal band from the Netherlands.
Hellebaard plays a unique mix of European Pagan Metal and Nordic Black Metal inspired by pride and reverence for their ancestral homeland and traditional heathen beliefs.
Album offers eight pagan black metal hymns in which Hellebaard experiences with different melodies and rythms which strengthen and enhance the original and unique Hellebaard style.
Recommended for fans of Bathory, Graveland, Darkthrone and Summoning. Light shabby on the disc surface.
Gardarika Musikk, 2009 (Gard 006)

1.Hellebaard 07:29
2.Vleugels van Vuur 04:25
3.Bloedbroeders 05:32
4.De Eeuwige Strijdvelden 05:30
5.Verborgen Stad 06:13
6.Ravenklauw 06:13
7.Fier 05:44
8.Letum 04:11
Total playing time: 45:17

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