GROMM “Pilgrimage Amidst The Catacombs Of Negativism” /MCD/

The first EP by Ukrainian Black Metal band.
Stylistically, EP goes mostly in the manner of “Sacrilegium” - this is the same good old orthodox mid-tempo Black Metal. The Gromm style is now well recognized from the very first riffs; all tracks start and finish abruptly, no openings and fadings.
Production is quite good; but sound changed and developed, all instruments are clear and listenable. Guitars aren’t buzzing anymore like on earlier works, they became ponderous and viscous and still brought to the forefront, creating powerful avalanche of sound. Bass lines emerging with guitars add extra heaviness. Good music-writing abilities of guitarist BaalBerith still taken place, because memorizing catchy tunes are present in each track. Vocals became shriller and more malicious; sometimes even hysterical, changing from raptorial growl on “Crown of Rust” to demonic shriek on “The Pest of Black Metal” and adding a fairly large part of savageness to the whole atmosphere of the album. All lyrics are in English now, but one can hardly make out a single word in Nabath’s bestial screaming. “Pilgrimage…” features live drums, their sound is clear and resonant in contrast to all previous Gromm’s albums including “Sacrilegium”. Efficient performance of drummer definitely enriched rhythmical pattern.
Whole album is very good. “Pilgrimage Amidst The Catacombs Of Negativism” maybe was a test record, but the result exceeded all expectations! Evident progress is on hand, ‘cause musical content of this MCD is head and shoulders above Gromm’s previous works!!
Propaganda, 2009. Made in Ukraine. First press.

1. Necroscope 04:00
2. Crown of Rust 06:03
3. Cold Thorns 04:48
4. Nihilism Arsenal 03:47
5. The Pest of Black Metal 02:51
Total playing time: 21:33 min.


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