GALLILEOUS “Necrocosmos” /CD/

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The second full-length album by the Polish Atmospheric Doom Metal band.
Frosty astral Hypnotic Doom Metal from pioneers of Polish Funeral Doom!
With a sound that sits squarely in the huge gap between the Prog days of yore, and the melancholic Doom stylings of today, you would be hard pressed to find any other way to get from A to Z without traversing the entire galaxy in between. What Gallileous have done here is to infuse the new with the old, or the old with the new. Once you've completed your journey through the cosmos, which takes roughly 40 minutes of hypnotic space trip in five parts, you may feel a sort of emptiness that will only be cured with another trip!
For fans of: Corrupted, OM, Umbra Nihil!!
CD comes with a beautiful 12-page booklet.
Epidemie Records, 2013 (EPR078). Made in Czech. First press.

1. Necrocosmos     06:39
2. Fractal Dimension     08:56
3. Time Traveler     07:15 
4. X–Rayed by Stars     07:44
5. Cosmic Pilgrims     09:13
Total playing time: 39:47


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