FUCK OATH "Fuck Oath" /MCD/

Hardcore meets 80's Thrash/Crossover from Australia.
Fuck Oath explode with tonnes of catchy buzzsaw riffs combined with pummelling bass chops, relentless drumming and the raw and gritty vocals all bringing to mind the iconic old school styles of SOD, Napalm Death and DRI. These self proclaimed "Beercore" bastards are flying the flag of party Thrash high and mighty, keen on creating furious havoc wherever they go, not to mention sucking all the kegs dry. If you dig Venomous Concept, Negative Approach, Napalm Death and Municipal Waste then 'ave a go ya mugs' and grab a copy today.
Grindhead Records, 2009  (GHR 031). Made in Australia.

1.Hit N Run
3.Blood Pumpin
4.Ave A Goe
5.Exit Wound
6.Fully Sick
7.Beers Are On
8.Co Ed Killer
9.Jesus Slut
10.Up Scumbag

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