FROZEN OCEAN “The Dyson Swarm” /Digipack CD/

The eighth official full-length studio album by Russian Atmospheric/Dark/Ambient/Drone/Electronic/Space Black Metal band.
The new style was chosen again for this epic work. Space, in which "The Dyson Swarm" floats, is woven of midtempo Electronic gates and pads, polyphonic Dark Metal with Space Atmosphere, Ambient structure and sci-fi background. It is devoted to the place of humanity in space, both close and outer, and merely is like a journey through the cosmos.
From the very Earth and its orbit ("CE-4"), through Solar System to another planets ("HD 85512 b") and to know edge of Universe ("UDFj-39546284"); facing wonderful arrangements of astronomic objects ("Syzygy"), enormous objects of macrostructure ("Sloan Great Wall"), both extraterrestrial ("SHGb02+14a") and human ("The Dyson Swarm") presence in space... 49 minutes an atmospheric journey into the cosmos, for those with an open mind.
For fans of Ulver, Senmuth, Ildjarn (Ambient period), Burzum (“Filosofem” era), and Netra…
Kristallblut Records, 2014 (KBR013). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Syzygy 05:08
2. CE-4 09:36
3. Sloan Great Wall 07:13
4. SHGb02+14a 05:00
5. Exoplanet (HD 85512 b) 06:24
6. The Dyson Swarm 07:03
7. UDFj-39546284 09:07
Total playing time: 49:31 min.


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