A perfect mix of Old-School Grind|Punk|Death|Thrash from Ohio, USA.
Taste this killer CockTail based on S.O.D. , M.O.D., D.R.I.,
TERRORIZER music with strong touches to UNLEASHED, VENOM and Early
CELTIC FROST sounding. 9 songs & 8-page Full-Coloured Booklet inside in
the old school feeling design.
Ukragh Productions, 2007 (UKR 0006)

1.Be Gone 03:21
2.Fake 01:03
3.Leech 03:05
4.Pack A Bowl 02:54
5.Lost 02:33
6.Damn Nation 00:59
7.Skull Fukd 03:24
8.Asshole 01:41
9.Singing About Pussy 03:02

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