FOLKODIA "Battlecry" /CD/

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3rd full-length album from this international Folk Viking Metal band.
At present time 12 musicians of 8 countries take part in this project. The genre of Folkodia is Folk/Viking metal with using of different acoustic instruments as flute, pipes and violin and of course electric and acoustic guitars.
Line up:
Marios Koutsoukos (Greece) – lyrics
Simon Muller (Switzerland) – music, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, flute, bass, tin whistle, vocals, mandola
Munngu Beyeler (Switzerland) – deger pipe, tin whistle, vocals
Metfolvik (Lithuania) – music, soprano recorder
Matthew Bell (Australia) – music, electric guitar
Forneus (Australia) – harp
Simon Batley (Australia) - vocals
Hralien (Canada) – drums
Michael Fiori (Monaco) – music, electric guitars, bass, vocals
Anais (Monaco) – female vocals
Rhode Rachel (USA) – vocals, jaw harp, tin whistle, bass
Holger Funke (Germany) – bagpipe, nyckleharpa, hurdy-gurdy 
Stygian Crypt Productions, 2010 (SCP055)

1.Eagle’s Blood 05:01
2.Battlecry 04:08
3.Blood-Red Axes 04:19
4.The Celestial Giants 03:12
5.Hunter In The Wild 04:32
6.The Celestial Host 04:48
7.The Oath Of Runes 04:17
8.Invoking The Sidhe 04:21
9.Pale Prince On A Moonlit Shore 04:40
10.The Hour Of Wrath 04:41
11.Sword In Hand 05:09
Total playing time: 49:08

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