FINAL DAWN “Under The Bleeding Sky” /CD/

The debut full-length album by Finnish Melodic Death/Thrash Metal band. 
Final Dawn offer the mixes of Metal genres, combining the growls of Death Metal with the fretwork of Sweden, and the Thrash Metal of early American heavyweights like Testament and Overkill.
On the quartet's collection, tracks like the striking "Bleeding Sky" emanates a classic Heavy Metal feel, while other cuts such as "Aggression Overdrive" exemplify a relentless yet intricate Death Metal influence.
Originally released as a 5-song Mini-CD while signed under a small English label. Things didn't go well with the label and the deal was terminated in spring 2003. Final Dawn then signed a deal with New Aeon Media in November 2003 and the band recorded three new tracks to complete the CD: "Solemn Art", "What Flows Within" and "Regression Is Transgression".
Final Dawn seem far more influenced by Floridian Death Metal and oldschool Scandinavian Black Metal than they are by the likes of In Flames. This is raw and rowdy Death Metal with a serrated, rather than smooth, edge. This is the kind of music that rips and tears, instead of slices and dices. If you are expecting a razor and you get an axe, you might feel disappointed, but that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with your axe! "Under The Bleeding Sky" is a sturdy debut from a band whose Metal assault is as well balanced as it is crushing!!
New Aeon Media, 2004 (NAM001). Made in Netherlands. Pressed in UK. First press.

1. Solemn Art 5:01 
2. Ardent 4:12 
3. Aggression Overdrive 4:05 
4. Doze 5:45 
5. Regression Is Transgression 5:18 
6. Bleeding Sky 5:20 
7. What Flows Within 4:39 
8. My Pain 5:00
Total playing time: 39:20

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