FALLEN WITHIN “The Day You Died Inside” /CD/

Second full-length album by Greek Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore band.
Compared to their first album the band appears much more mature and wise filtering better their influences and takes the “risk” of using extensive use of electronic sounds. All the songs of the record are very common in their style which is Metalcore in the face, with killer riffs, tremendous groove, brutal and melodic vocals and lots of electronic passages. To make it more specific imagine As I Lay Dying songs with lots of electro elements. All the songs range between three and five minutes and they are very similar in style having one and only purpose. The speed never goes down the guitars are alternating with the synths and growls are contrasting clean vocals producing a terrific combination.
Endless headbanging!!
Noise Head Records, 2012 (NHR1212). Made in Austria.

1. Eyes on Fire     04:08 
2. You're Disfigured, I'm Proud     04:30 
3. How Do I Rise from the Dead?     05:39 
4. Everybody Run     05:10 
5. Still Tearing Me Apart     04:13 
6. The Saint and the Sinner     04:19 
7. J.D.S. (Jeffrey Dahmer Style)     03:56
8. Untie the Rope     03:35 
9. Crawling Down the Hallway     04:35
Total playing time: 40:05

Samples:  http://www.lastfm

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