EXEGUTOR “Embassy Of Hell” /CD/

The second full-length album by Belarusian Grindcore band.
Followed after two years of silence, the new album is a barrage of uncompromising nuclear Grindcore with not lacking in melodic lines. As compared to the previous release of the band, “Embassy Of Hell” is definitely more dynamic, dark and aggressive, complicated and diverse as related to composition and technique. The material is well-thought-out and precisely adjusted.
The lyrics of the album are dedicated to diverse day-to-day realities of the ordinary people – from drinking and dancing to the impendence of robotization of human mind.
The CD also includes a badass grindcore version of “Black Metal” song originally performed by Venom. Those who feel a longing for old times may be happy to headbang with classic groovy riffs while the youngsters will appraise the fresh approach to the old school.
This album will definitely consolidate the position of Exegutor among the leaders of the Extreme Metal scene of Belarus. Pure Embassy of Hell on the Earth! Must have for the fans of high-quality Grindcore!!
More Hate Productions/Satanath Records, 2015 (MHP 15-139 / SAT102). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Smoke of the Water
2. Pantheon
3. Fatboy Slam
4. Por Comandante Chavez
5. Buy Made in Belarus
6. Pyro is not a Crime
7. Nie Maučy
8. Savage Circus
9. Karahod
10. Beerdrinker
11. Robotization of the Minds
12. Black Metal
13. Laznia
Total playing time: 29:38 min.

Samples: https://satanath.bandcamp.com

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