EVIDENCE "Truth From A Lie" /CD/

Debut full-length album by the Melodic Heavy Metal band from Portugal.
The long and technical guitar solos are there, melody is a constant parameter, the voice a typical Heavy Metal one (not distorted, grunted or whatever). This release appeared in the best time, since the scene (specially the international one) is with their eyes put on the revivalism - Power and Heavy metal, granting EVIDENCE's a little bit more exposure and opportunity to show their potential. Roadie Crew (10/10), Progression Magazine (10/10), German Rock (9,5/10)
If you really enjoy a good Heavy Metal album, don't be afraid to put your ears on EVIDENCE, because they're good at what they're doing (and they know it) - you won't regret it!
For fans of: TNT, Stan Bush and Barrage, Def Leppard, Millenium, Flight 16, Tarantula and Bon Jovi!!
Wicked Productions, 2000 (WCK 2001 CD). Made in Portugal.

1. Time Machine 04:58
2. Ignorance 04:38
3. Thorns 04:38
4. Never Too Late 04:34
5. Shankar Song - Pt. 1 04:28
6. Shankar Song - Pt. 2 01:10
7. Truth from a Lie 03:55
8. Madhouse 04:19
9. Dancing with the Devil 04:35
10. My Last Day 05:38
11. Questions 05:31
12. The Wicked 05:41
13. Lalabia 02:33
Total playing time: 56:38

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