EVERLASTING “March Of Time” /CD/

The debut full-length album by Russian Funeral Doom Metal band.
Everlasting combines a wide variety of emotional tones. Renounced character of suppressing guitars is accompanied by sensual and touching keyboards and solo guitar parties. One of the unique band features is the absence of bass section. "March Of Time" is an ode to inexorability of time, to triumph of inviolability of the course of history. Each song has its own mood, replenishing the previous one and continuing its idea, as the main lyrics theme is philosophic thoughts about aims, personal choice and human mission.
Plunge into raw funeral music in the vein of Mournful Congregation and, especially, Thergothon!
Released on Gold CD.
Solitude Productions, 2013 (SP. 077-13). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Remaining in Ground     15:10
2. The Great Contradiction     11:28
3. March of Time     14:44
4. Silence     09:43
Total playing time: 51:05

Samples:  http://everlasting1.bandcamp.com

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