ESSENZA “Blind Gods And Revolutions” /CD/

The fourth full-length album by Italian Heavy Metal band.
Essenza really understand how to mix different heavy styles into an album, and how to make a good sound by keeping the riffs rolling, combined with bombastic drums. The essential components of these songs include raw sounding guitar riffs and solos you would hear in from the best old school Heavy Metal giants such as Iron Maiden and Iced Earth.
The album consists of eight well played tracks being a blend of a Melodic Heavy Metal and Thrash/Power Metal. The band uses this particular fast riffing and harmonic guitar lines in some of their songs. It adds something special to their sound. The vocal style delivered by Carlo G. Rizello is a great combination of harsh screaming and clean vocals which goes very well with the rest of the instruments. The sound is dynamic and well supported by the Paolo Colazzo’s powerful and fanciful drumming. It revolves around the Carlo’s guitar, a varied and powerful riffing. The Alessandro’s bass isn’t relegated to the simple rhythm section but assumes a foreground role, building a wall of unusual twists in support of the groove and melody. Track “Seagulls in the Night” gives us a break from the heavy distortment from that rest of the album provides.
The fourth installment from Italian Heavy Metal outfit Essenza maybe turning some heads, especially fans of Iced Earth, Megadeth and Judas Priest!
SG Records, 2014 (SGCD066). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Plastic God (An Autumn Dream)
2. Bloody Spring
3. The Song Inside
4. The Fury of the Ancient Witch
5. Lost and Blind
6. Fight for Change
7. Seagulls in the Night
8. Time (Keep My Memories Alive)


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