Second full-length album by the cult Russian Gothic/Progressive Metal band.
Second album of the band sounding really different (like always with Ens Cogitans) if we’d compare “Re-Vision” to its predecessor, “Heart Of The Way”. This effort sounds quite similar to “One Second” by Paradise Lost, however it doesn’t mean that it’s some regular commercial crap. “Re-Vision” appears as melodic, harmonious and Atmospheric Post-Doom Metal, featuring plenty of different samples, loops and programming, which doesn’t harm anything, though – and what’s most important, it is really heartfelt. The growling is gone (too bad), so there’re only clean vocals here, undoubtedly pleasant ones (a rare thing if talking about Russian bands).
The musicianship is nearly perfect (the same goes for production), although it’s a pity that there’re less vanguard moves than “Heart Of The Way” had (well, more likely, there’re utterly absent here). In short, it’s just melodic, mild and tremendous music, something that is definitely not of “dark” origin.
And finally, amongst other tunes, there’s a remix on a song called “Cage”, performed by Oversun (a side-project founded by Ens Cogitans singer and guitarist). Furthermore, design in the whole (and artwork, in particular) seems to be highly exciting.
As to the best tracks… in fact, all of them strike as truly magnificent!!
Seven Art Music, 1999 (SACD004). Made in Italy. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. Cage 04:44
2. As I Want 04:45
3. Dying in Your Hands Again 05:06
4. Cage (Oversun Edit) 04:01
5. No Place to Burn 05:02
6. In My Single Day 05:17
7. Sacred Sin (I Feel) 04:47
8. Way Out 05:08
9. Falling 03:55
Total playing time: 42:45

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