EDENSHADE "The Lesson Betrayed" /CD/

Second full-length album by Progressive Melodic Death Metal band from Italy.
Mix of modern Swedish Melodic Death Metal (ala IN FLAMES, DARK TRANQUILLITY), CYNIC's and DEATH's unique Avantgarde sound and the Progressive Metal of PAIN OF SALVATION and DREAM THEATER.
My Kingdom Music, 2007 (echo016 – 354.6021.2)

1.tM?sis 04:36
2.thatBlind 06:05
3.theY 04:28
4.the Drop 04:40
5.The Lesson Betrayed 05:04
6.Contemplate 04:59
7.trust in ME 00:29
8.as Water 04:34
9.Insect 05:03
10.day zer0 02:45
Total playing time: 42:43

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