DORMIN “Psykhe Comatose Disorder” /CD/

Debut full-length album by the Italian Black/Doom Metal/Ambient band.
For fans of the new Black Shoegaze scene Dormin play a mix of Extreme Dark/Doom/Shoegaze/Post Black Metal.
“Psykhe Comatose Disorder” is a concept album based on a series of mental degenerations of my own psyche. These visions are the result of a long period of psychological stress, degenerated into OCS (Obsessive -compulsive Syndrome). Period in which I saw my mother die slowly eaten by the cancer. And I could not do anything. It was then that I sank into the plains of non existence, where everything turns into a nightmare. A Dark and gloomy trip ended with a death, and a rebirth. "Psykhe Comatose Disorder" is dedicated to the memory of my mother, and it want to be a way to remember what my mind has deleted. Now I can't forget any longer.” – Rex.
Beyond Productions, 2013 (BEY.1343). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Resonance (Synoptic Voyage into Noghingness) 01:28
2. Crossing the Plains of Non Existence 07:16
3. Spettri Nello Specchio 07:48
4. Psykhe Comatose Disorder 05:33
5. World of Nooses and Plastic Dramas 07:08
6. The Glyph of Solitude 12:31
7. The Nightwind Whispers a Lullaby 05:38
Total playing time: 47:22


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