DOKKEN “Original Album Series” /Slipcase 5 CD Set/

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Re-release of the five classic albums, in one set, by the legendary American Hard Rock/Glam Metal band.
A boxset containing all of Dokken's 80's albums: four studio albums and a live album.
Includes the albums: "Breaking The Chaines", "Tooth And Nail", "Under Lock And Key", "Back For The Attack", "Beast From The East".
Each of these five albums is presented as a mini-LP in a cardboard sleeve, making this a quick, easy, affordable way to get all of band's best albums at once.
100% musthave for every old school maniac!!
Parlophone Records Ltd., a Warner Music Group Company, 2016 (8122 79833 9). Made in Germany. First press.


CD 1 «Breaking The Chaines»
1. Breaking The Chains 
2. In The Middle 
3. Felony 
4. I Can't See You 
5. Live To Rock (Rock To Live) 
6. Nightrider 
7. Seven Thunders 
8. Young Girls 
9. Stick To Your Guns 
10. Paris Is Burning

CD 2 «Tooth And Nail»
1. Without Warning 
2. Tooth And Nail 
3. Just Got Lucky 
4. Heartless Heart 
5. Don't Close Your Eyes 
6. When Heaven Comes Down 
7. Into The Fire 
8. Bullets To Spare 
9. Alone Again 
10. Turn On The Action

CD 3 «Under Lock And Key»
1. Unchain The Night 
2. The Hunter 
3. In My Dreams 
4. Slippin' Away 
5. Lightnin' Strikes Again 
6. It's Not Love 
7. Jaded Heart 
8. Don't Lie To Me 
9. Will The Sun Rise 
10. Til The Livin' End

CD 4 «Back For The Attack»
1. Kiss Of Death 
2. Prisoner 
3. Night By Night 
4. Standing In The Shadows 
5. Heaven Sent 
6. Mr. Scary 
7. So Many Tears 
8. Burning Like A Flame 
9. Lost Behind The Wall 
10. Stop Fighting Love 
11. Cry Of The Gypsy 
12. Sleepless Night 
13. Dream Warriors

CD 5 «Beast From The East»
1. Unchain The Night 
2. Tooth And Nail 
3. Dream Warriors 
4. Kiss Of Death 
5. When Heaven Comes Down 
6. Into The Fire 
7. Mr. Scary 
8. Heaven Sent 
9. It's Not Love 
10. Alone Again 
11. Just Got Lucky 
12. Breaking The Chains 
13. In My Dreams 
14. Walk Away

Total playing time: 250:23 min.

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