D.I.S. (DESTROYED IN SECONDS) “Becoming Wrath” /CD/

Re-release of the second full-length album by American Thrash/Crossover/Melodic Death Metal band.
Californias’s D-beat kings D.I.S. are at it again, punishing humankind with a lethal dose of frantic crusty DM & Grind! Second album showcases a powerful band going for your jugular with an astonishing precision.
Killer Blackened, Thrashy, Crust/Hardcore/Groove Crossover of the better kind: Swedish Death Metal guitar sounds, dark atmospheres, pissed off vocals, crusty melodies, Hardcore tempos in a great combination!!
Re-edition features two bonus tracks among which a cover of Disrupt's "A Life's a life"!
Featuring current members from Impaled and Phobia, D.I.S. is a must for everybody into old Entombed, Disfear, Wolfbrigade, Nausea, Doom and Phobia!!
PRC Music, 2012/2013 (PRC12). Made in Canada.

1. Becoming Wrath 
2. Assimilation
3. Stay Damned
4. No Guillotine Like the Truth
5. Sea of Disdain
6. Scarabs Nest
7. Built for the End
8. Edges
9. The Crushing Low 
Bonus tracks:
10. A Lifes a Life
11. Slaue To The Grind

Samples:  http://destroyedinseconds.bandcamp.com

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