DESTRÖYER 666 “Phoenix Rising” /CD/

Remastered re-release of the second full-length album by Australian Black/Thrash Metal band.
Battalion Deströyer 666 has had their 2000 full-length regarded as one of the Black Metal genre's best records of all time by Decibel Magazine. The album appears in Decibel's new special issue focusing on the "Top 100 Black Metal Albums Of All Time".
With the release of their second album “Phoenix Rising” Deströyer 666 reached a new dimension. Terrorizer (UK) saw the Australian warriors enter “a new phase that mixes the best of old school barbarity with quality songwriting”. Dutch magazine Aardschok chimed into this praise by giving 90/100 points with many critics following suit. Yet time proved to be the real test for “Phoenix Rising” and the album passed this challenge with flying colours as it continued to sell since its original release late 2000. Due to popular demand and persistent interest “Phoenix Rising” will now re-released in a carefully remastered edition.
The band's sophomore thunder slab, "Phoenix Rising" is f*****g stuffed with fret-burning rippers. From the massive title track and crushing battle epic "I am the Wargod" to the vicious "Lone Wolf Winter" and Amon Amarth-ish "Ride the Solar Winds" K.K. Warslut and his band deliver nothing short of a Black Metal masterpiece!!
A remastered re-issue contains new artwork and liner notes.
Season Of Mist, 2000/2012 (SOM 032R). Made in France. Pressed in Austria.

1. Rise Of The Predator     4:05 
2. The Last Revelation     2:24 
3. Phoenix Rising     3:57 
4. I Am The Wargod (Ode To The Battle Slain)     7:32 
5. The Eternal Glory Of War     5:19 
6. Lone Wolf Winter     6:37 
7. Ride The Solar Winds     4:51 
8. The Birth Of Tragedy     5:19
Total playing time: 40:04


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