DEMONA "Speaking With The Devil" /Digipack CD/

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The second full-length album by Chilean/Canadian Speed Metal band.
Amazing old-school dirty Speed Metal with churning riffs, an intricate solos and female vocals!
Listening to Demona is truly like awaking in the mid-eighties to find a new tape neatly wrapped next to your bed – a nostalgic feeling of excitement and anticipation that has been largely stripped away by the instantaneous nature of the ubiquitous internet. The production is mostly excellent, although vocals do sometimes get lost in the reverb-heavy mix, but it’s the feel of the songs that appeals the most – the band untainted by the cynicism that set into Heavy Metal in the mid-nineties – the music recalling the raw majestic evil of Venom and vintage Thrash. As such, the album carries with it an irrepressible sense of excitement coupled with a tinge of nostalgia that is quite impossible to ignore. Fans of pure Heavy Metal will love the unhinged speed of the riffs, the unquestionable skill of the band and the dirty, yet powerful production which has admirably captured the raw sound of a band honed by practice and months on the road, but not digitally enhanced or sandpapered the music into smooth anonymity. Overall, this is the sound of a band perfectly capturing the hedonistic spirit of traditional Heavy Metal and delivering a ferocious, beautifully poised performance that could only really be improved by seeing them in the flesh. All hail Demona – the beautiful sound of darkness awaits!!!
For fans of: Vectom, Sentinel Beast, Znowhite, Living Death, Desaster as well as Megadeth, Angel Witch, old Exumer and more!!
Infernö Records, 2013 (IR021CD). Made in France. First press.

1. Exordium 1:15
2. Malvenidos 2:42
3. Dirty Speed Metal 3:34
4. Speaking With The Devil 4:48
5. Traitors 4:52
6. Bad Boy 3:14
7. Demona 3:43
8. Stronger Than The Hardest Stone 4:51
9. Mercenario 4:19
10. The Sorcerer's Escapade 5:53
11. Cease To Exist 1:17
Total playing time: 40:28


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