DEMON PRAYERS “Evoke The Pain” /CD/

Debut full-length album by Greek Thrash Metal band.
The sound of Demon Prayers is an easy one to describe; the team are clearly influenced by European Thrash titans Sodom, Kreator and Destruction, and the usual Premier League legends Slayer, Dark Angel and even a hint of Brazilian’s Sepultura.
The band, despite being happy to pay homage to their heroes, are still intent on bringing their own spin on proceedings. Although originality rarely glimmers through the smog of old school influence, this is still a meaty platter that recommend to anyone who likes raw, energetic and, most of all, accomplished Thrash Metal.
Vocally Bonias has a rough ’n’ ready style which is very much Max Cavalera (Sepultura) meets Tom Angelripper (Sodom). From the off with the introduction – which bleeds into the title track – we’re transported back to the mid to late 80s when this sort of foaming Thrash Metal was all the rage; the riffs very much take on that Dark Angel side of angry speed and brooding brutality. As with so many Thrash bands of today, the Slayer ingredient comes to the fore like a potent spice that provides a much needed kick.
To be honest, nothing beats a slice of deadly serious Thrash. Despite their rawness, Demon Prayers really have hit hard on this record; not once do they rely on silly humour or revolting mimicry. Instead, they knuckle down and produce some really fetching riffs which enable the likes of "Senseless Reality" to come to life as raging compositions.
As the band speed through the tracks on offer there is an obvious Kreator sneer mixed with a San Francisco Bay Area gang-chant attraction, and so the combination of influences makes for an interesting listen with some exceptional solos and unhealthy bouts of speed.
"Tyranny (Respect Your Life Or Die)" has to be one of the catchiest numbers on offer, bringing a real groove to the mix as the bass bubbles just under the surface of the compact drums and those feverish guitars which have a strong hint of chugging menace. It’s great that the band can inject a dose of melody, and a majority of the tracks on this debut album are pleasing to the ear in their frenzy. Of course, all the young bands had their affects remarkable in their debuts and the beginning of Demon Prayers is absolute positive! Killer old school Thrash Metal!!
Secret Port Records/Athens Thrash Attack, 2014 (ATA21). Made in Greece.

1. Evoke the Pain     06:37 
2. The Crusher     04:00
3. Damnation Enslaved     03:52 
4. Senseless Reality     03:53
5. Tyranny (”Respect Your Life or Die”)     04:38 
6. Savage Violence     03:23 
7. Morbid Terror     04:02
8. Atonement     04:31 
9. Under Snow and Blood     04:14
Total playing time: 39:10

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