DEKAPITED “Nacidos Del Odio” /Ltd. CD/

South American edition of the debut full-length album by Chilean Thrash Metal band.
This band started out in 2006 and they turned into is a fierce band that showed in their 2011 “Contra Iglesia Y Estado” EP which got high approval by the Underground community.
As some South Americans, Dekapited can imitate European Thrash pretty good. This album is harsh sounding, aggressive and fast Thrash Metal. 8 songs, very cool cover art with attraction to colours and Spanish lyrics. This band is influenced by Old Continent and its diabolic side, like early Kreator and plenty of others are certainly present there. Of course, it is also very savagery stuff with strong tribe influences.
One of the most aggressive and best Thrash Metal Bands!!
Concreto Records, 2016 (CDCR81). Made in Mexico. First press.

1. Nacidos Del Odio 3:08
2. Estúpida Nación 3:42
3. Tormento Y Miseria 4:15
4. Anticristo 3:43
5. Falsas Caras (Esperando A La Muerte) 2:58
6. Muerte 3:32
7. Cabezas Vacías 3:37
8. Pacto Negro 3:17
Total playing time: 28:17 min.


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