CRIMSON BLUE “The Angelic Performance” /CD/

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The second full-length album by Russian Gothic Metal band.
Mixing elements of Gothic Metal, Nu-Metal, Art Rock and more, Crimson Blue delivers you the brand new stuff, a modern music that is absolutely original, full of personality and amazing essence. The flexible and rich vocals of the female singer Dani mixed with low tuned guitar duets, floating harmonies and catchy melodies, put the band in the same universe of bands like Lacuna Coil, A Perfect Circle, Nightwish, Opeth. Every track of the album has differences. This music has climate. Musicians has their way of playing and their work is totally interesting, you wouldn't be bored, because you can still find new sounds. From powerful to sensitive sounds, oriental sounds, modern echoes and melody.
This is music of high class with an excellent and charismatic singer, powerful structures and an overall strong production with songs that have the absolute potential to become real chart breaker. Every open minded Metal, Rock or Gothic fan should give it a chance!
Highly recommend to fans of Lacuna Coil, A Perfect Circle, Nightwish, Tristania, Moonspell, Epica, Theatre Of Tragedy, Within Temptation, After Forever, and to every female fronted Gothic Metal fan!!
My Kingdom Music, 2014 (echo101). Made in Italy. First press

1. Locust 5:49 
2. Dolores 3:48 
3. 3rd Eye Close 4:16 
4. Sacrification 4:51 
5. Mechanical Madonna 5:32 
6. Road To Oblivion 4:06 
7. Lab II Yggdrasil 9:10 
8. Dark Heart Of Mine 4:56 
9. Tonalli 4:54 
10. Black Wings 11:17
Total playing time: 58:39

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